Independent day care center Kids & Co offers day care to children between the age of 0 to 3 years in a newly built location in Herent. The center offers room for 68 children in 4 groups: the babies, the crawlers, an intermediate group and the toddlers.

The day care center is open from 6.45 till 18.45, and this during working days. From September to June, we are also open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, and this from 9,00 till 12,00. If you want to make use of our services on Saturday mornings, a separate reservation must be made in advance.

The day care center is closed for the public holidays and during fixed holiday periods. For 2023, the periods during which we are closed are:

  • From April 3 to April 10 included
  • May 1
  • From May 18 to May 19 included
  • May 29
  • From July 21 to August 4 included
  • From August 14 to August 15
  • November 1
  • From December 22 to December 29 included

The parental contribution is calculated based on the applicable income rate. To make this possible,, parents provide Kids & Co with the kind-attest (child certificate) before the start of childcare. Lunch and snacks are included, diapers are not (parents are asked to bring these). For care on Saturday mornings, the number of care hours is limited to a maximum of 3 hours, which means that 60 % of the individual income rate applies.

At present, the Flemish government has only awarded IKT subsidies for 52 out of 68 places. No IKT subsidies will therefore be received for the other 16 places. In addition, Kids & Co uses a lower child ratio than prescribed by regulations. To compensate for the resulting underfunding by the Flemish government, we offer the opportunity to invest in the infrastructure and operating costs of childcare through co-financing. For full-time care, the co-financing amounts to EUR 360 per month, for care for 4 or 3 days per week, the co-financing amounts to EUR 288 and 216 per month respectively. Companies or self-employed persons can deduct these investments in infrastructure and operating costs as business expenses under certain conditions.

Because the Flemish government does not award IKT subsidies for all places, a number of places are still designated as “free price” places, even though the parental contributions for all 68 places are calculated on the basis of the income rate. For children in the “free price” places, the Growth Package (the new child benefit) provides a participation allowance of EUR 3.43 per day. There is no participation allowance for children with an “IKT place”.

If the combination of parental contribution, the elimination of the participation allowance and co-financing would lead to an amount higher than EUR 812 per month for a full-time place (EUR 658 and EUR 494 for 4- and 3-day care respectively), then a discount is applied to the co-financing.

More information can be found in our Internal Regulations.

As of January 1, 2020 all applications for day care concerning initiatives in Herent, need to be entered into the so-called Kinderopvangzoeker, or “Search Engine for Day-Care”. You can access this Kinderopvangzoeker at If you look for day care services providers in Herent, you can select Kids & Co.

Upon receipt, we will inform you whether or not it will be possible to offer you our services. If so, we will invite you for an introductory meeting at the day care center. If you want to reserve a spot for your child following this meeting, then we send you a contract in twofold as well as an “Huishoudelijk reglement Kids & Co v. augustus 2023 “. Upon receipt of a signed copy of the contract and the deposit of the guarantee, you are assured of having a spot within our day care center.